Colleen Meyers Rea

Worship the Lord "with songs of praise"
-Psalm 95:2

Colleen Meyers Rea is a Catholic musician, singer and songwriter who has been sharing her music with others for decades.  Colleen’s contemporary Christian music and pro-life message have inspired many.  She has performed concerts at a variety of venues in several states and her pro-life song, “Before,” beautifully sung by Catholic recording artist Donna Cori, has been played on numerous radio stations and is featured on Colleen’s new CD, entitled “Father.”  The CD also features “Stations of the Cross: A Musical Pilgrimage,” which includes hauntingly beautiful lyrics and music to accompany the listener through each station of the cross, viewed from the perspective of Christ.

Colleen’s music ministry also includes serving as cantor at Catholic parishes for Mass, weddings and funerals, as well as providing music and song for live, weekly healing services and annual retreats for Intercessors of the Trinity (“IOTT”), based in Littleton, Colorado.  IOTT’s weekly prayer services, which are also broadcast online, reach a huge audience, both locally and throughout the world, with IOTT’s message of hope.

As a staunch pro-life advocate, Colleen has been a featured speaker at pro-life events, sharing her amazing personal journey of becoming a parent at age sixteen, and going on to complete four years of college and three years of law school as a single parent of two young daughters, followed by decades of success in her chosen professional career as an attorney.

While law may have been Colleen’s chosen profession, music and songwriting have always been her greatest passion and the heartbeat of her life.

Journey of Inspiration

Colleen’s journey to music ministry has been inspired by her deep Catholic faith.  Each song on her new album tells a story based on inspirations derived through her faith.

Stations of the Cross:   A Musical Pilgrimage

When Colleen first conceived the melody and music for this piece, she had no idea what words or message the melody would accompany.  The melody coursed through her mind, daily, in search of the right words.  A few weeks later, Deacon Brian Kerby at IOTT asked Colleen if she could provide music to accompany an upcoming Stations of the Cross service during Lent.  Not wanting the service to be too prolonged, Deacon Brian suggested the music for each of the fourteen stations be about two minutes long.  When Colleen told him she was not aware of any such music, he asked, with a smile, “Can you write something?” Immediately, the melody and music that had been coursing through her mind found its intended purpose.  Lyrics flowed from soul to paper for each Station of the Cross, all viewed from Christ’s perspective and focused on the enormity of His willing sacrifice for each of us:

Walk with me,
As I am condemned to death upon a cross.
Crowds demand, “Crucify him!”
Until Pilate relents.
Scourged and beaten,
Crowned with thorns,
Spat upon and scorned,
The path ahead is bleak and filled with sorrow.
I accept this path,
For you.

Words from Stations of the Cross: A Musical Pilgrimage, Station One.

The piece was recorded live at a Stations of the Cross service at St. Frances Cabrini parish in Littleton, Colorado, and was very well received.  The new CD includes this live recording.  The lyrics are also available on a single, printed sheet or card, and sheet music for the piece, which is currently being compiled, will soon be available, including a full range of vocal parts and music for a variety of instruments.  Many have told Colleen they take the printed lyrics sheet with them each time they experience the Stations of the Cross, reading the words for each station as they walk along Christ’s pathway to the cross.


Based upon Jer. 1:5 (“before I formed you in the womb, I knew you…”), Colleen’s pro-life song, “Before,” focuses on the inherent value and sanctity of life.  All that Colleen experienced as a teen mother and as a single parent, including all the joys, rewards, struggles and sorrows, ultimately culminated in this song.  The song’s message is meant to be shared and it is Colleen’s hope that this message will touch hearts and minds to understand that it is God, and only God, who made the choice to create each of us, and that each of us is truly precious in His eyes:

Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.
Before you were born, I consecrated you.
I made you to hear My voice,
And it was I who made the choice to fashion you,
Long before the world was new.
Tenderly, I built you piece by piece,
No detail too small to recognize,
For you are precious in My eyes—
The heart that beats and the cells that grow
Are part of a grand design
That’s more than you could ever know.

Words from Before (first verse).


Colleen wrote this song for her father, who passed away shortly before his 100th birthday.  The song envisions him in Heaven, surrounded by her mother and all his brothers who predeceased him, and ponders what it must be like to witness the Lamb’s high feast from that Heavenly vantage point.  After her father’s death, Colleen found extraordinary comfort and solace at Mass, especially in the Eucharist, as she sensed God’s love leading her to partake in the supper of the Lamb here on Earth.


“Lost” arose from a dream sequence about the story of the woman at the well, in John 4:7-39.  Christ chooses this Samaritan woman to launch his public ministry to the gentiles. He reveals to her that He is the Messiah and offers her living water that will quench her thirst forever.  He amazes her by recounting to her all the events of her past, including her many marriages and divorces.  Concluding He is the Christ, she spreads His message to everyone in her community.

In Colleen’s dream, the woman at the well is envisioned as a child in torn clothing, lost in spiritual darkness, who begs Jesus for a glass of living water.  After receiving His gift of living water, her songs of praise bring His message to everyone, lifting the darkness and raising a mighty river of new followers.


Colleen wrote the song, “Mercy,” for the Pope’s Year of Mercy. The song focuses on our profound need for God's mercy. God's Divine Mercy toward each of us is endless, inexhaustible and unfathomable. All we need do is ask.


Colleen’s music journey began when she received her first guitar as a gift on her 11th birthday. After she received it, she rarely put it down. It became her constant companion. She played songs. She wrote songs. At fifteen, she was frequently playing at the Ice House in Pasadena, California, and once was the opening act for Peter, Paul & Mary.

She continued to write songs and play at various venues throughout college and then played a steady engagement at a local coffee house in Phoenix, Arizona, for many years, sharing her original music as well as traditional Celtic and English ballads. After relocating to Colorado, Colleen kept writing songs and playing at local venues.

About fifteen years ago, Colleen focused her music exclusively on Christian music and launched her Catholic music ministry. Spreading Christ’s Gospel and the pro-life message through both song and speaking engagements are Colleen’s life’s mission. She pursues this mission zealously, with great joy.